Point your phone.
Know what you see.

Machapuchare, Nepal

Expand your vision of the world

is a groundbreaking concept of mapping that shows you an Augmented Reality map of the world. Simply hold your phone in front of you and get a 3D virtual representation of what you are pointing at.

Compatible with iPhone 4s to 6+, iPad, most Android phones and tablets.

An augmented reality map on your device

Get a beautiful 3D map of the world displaying instantly what you see. Discover any region and download the map of the area for an offline use, before your departure into the wild!

Know what surrounds you

Discover intuitively the name of mountains, villages, historic places and much more. From the top of a mountain or the window of a moving train, also tracks your position while you're moving.

Share your adventures

Find all your photos displayed on the 3D map at the location where you took them. Show them to your friends in an exciting new way. The adventure begins...here.

No need to look down on your map anymore !

Explore the world

Search and go to any place.

Use eyeMaps offline

Download the maps in advance for an offline use.

The GPS by your side

One tap brings you back to your actual location and starts tracking your position while you're moving.

Know what you see

Choose what kind of information you want to see on the map.

Recall your trip

Your photos are integrated on the 3D map.

Navigation modes

Press the compass to navigate manually or to switch back to Augmented Reality mode.

Compatible with iPhone 4s to 6+, iPad, most Android phones and tablets.

Say goodbye to your old maps

By combining state-of-the-art mobile sensor technologies, OpenStreetMap data and a digital elevation model of the earth provided by NASA, is able to reproduce the scenery from your point of view and introduces a brand-new map concept: Point your phone to what you want to see instead of looking down on your map.